Community Advisory Board

The CEC’s Community Advisory Board is a group of leaders in the Chicago startup community. These advisors help the CEC raise awareness about the vibrant Chicago startup community locally, nationally, and globally. They drive support of entrepreneurial activities in Chicago by attending events to connecting startups to resources to connecting investors to opportunities. They are the leaders of our startup movement.

Jasmine Crawford, LinkedIn Profile

Stella Fayman, Entrepreneurs Unpluggd 

Jared Golden, Apparel Media Group / LinkedIn Profile

Barbara Goodman, iBIO Institute

Brian Gorbett, Microsoft BizSpark

Darren Guccione, Callpod

Jeff Judge, Signal

Seth Kravitz, Technori

Brian Luerssen, Excelerate Labs / Quantitative Insights

Dan Lyne, World Business Chicago

Eric Olson, Tech Cocktail

Harper Reed

Jason Rexilus, HostedLABS

Matt Spiegel, Annalect Ventures

Brad Spirrison, Appolicious / Chicago Sun-Times /